Display Manager Features

Display Manager enables seamless remote visualization of Big Data, providing users with optimized job performance via a simple, powerful Web-based interface.

Simplicity and Ease of Use

  • Ability to work without installing additional software on the client (needs a web browser and Java)
  • Sessions can be shared with multiple users, mouse and keyboard input can be passed to collaborators
  • Installation wizard that assists users through setup process -- so you're up and running in a flash
  • Out of the box availability of test application for troubleshooting, tuning and benchmarking


  • Co-location of graphic, computing and storage resources for applications that are not only graphical, but also compute- and data-intensive
  • Reduced prohibitive data movement times between servers and local machines
  • Seamless operation on low bandwidth and high latency networks


  • IP protection for highly global work teams -- data never leaves a desired location (only pixels leave), and Display Manager provides a secure and traceable way to access intellectual property
  • Flexible user authentication (integrates with industry standards)

Power and Interoperability

  • Server-side hardware accelerated OpenGL graphics
  • Integration with PBS Professional and PBS Application Services for superior control on resource usage and accounting
  • Inline monitoring of frames per second and bandwidth used
  • Fully integrated with Compute Manager for remote job submission
  • Idle sessions auto termination (to minimize license and hardware waste)
  • Ability to control image quality based on bandwidth
  • All major browsers supported
  • Execution host load balancing through PBS Professional
  • Handles hosts with multiple GPUs
  • Round robin OpenGL applications across available GPUs
  • Visualization window can be detached from browser

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