27/06/2019 Altair Announces 2019 Global Technology Conference to be Held in Detroit
17/10/2018 Altair Acquires SIMSOLID
25/04/2018 Altair Reinvents the Cloud High-Performance Computing Experience with the Release of PBS Works 2018
18/04/2018 2018 Global Altair Technology Conference to be held in Paris, France
14/11/2017 Altair and Quanta Cloud Technology Collaborate to Bring Unparalleled Customer Value to the HPC Market
07/03/2017 Altair HyperWorks® 2017 Released; Comprehensive Simulation Platform for Innovation™
15/11/2016 Intel® HPC Orchestrator to Include PBS Pro for Workload Management
14/11/2016 Announcing Altair PBS Cloud™ - Altair’s Latest Technology to Further HPC Appliance Solutions
28/07/2016 Altair's Bill Nitzberg discusses PBS Pro open source license version, PBS Simulator and PBS Cloud Manager
16/06/2016 OpenHPC Releases Initial Software Stack and Establishes Leadership
23/11/2015 Altair Interview with
23/07/2015 Why do smaller companies shun HPC?
23/07/2015 Altair Interview with Computerworld India
21/07/2015 Altair Moves forward with PBS Pro 13 at ISC 2015
27/05/2015 Altair Interview with CIO Asia
12/01/2015 CHPC Using PBS Profession to Fully Utilize Systems
08/12/2014 Display Manager Saves Workflow Time at Ping Golf
24/11/2014 Altair to Showcase Cloud Technology for Virtual Design and Engineering
15/09/2014 Altair Honored with 11 Nominations in HPCwire Readers’ Choice Awards
05/08/2014 Nominate Altair for an HPCwire Readers’ Choice Award
02/07/2014 How PBS Pro Maximizes HPC Utilization at the Weizmann Institute
17/10/2013 Power Versus Performance
24/09/2013 Altair Pushes CAE Boundaries with Private Cloud Appliance
13/09/2013 Altair Transforms HPC Into A Turnkey Appliance
17/07/2013 Altair’s Compute Manager 12.0 Scales Beyond 500 Concurrent Users and 500,000 Jobs, Managing Big Data from HPC Faster
05/04/2013 Digging for Black Gold: The oil and gas industry pushes HPC capabilities to their limits
13/02/2013 Bone-Based Software Improves How We Design, From Detergent To Tanks
07/12/2012 Innovating in the Cloud
01/11/2012 Cloud Computing Accelerates Design
05/09/2012 DEVELOP3D highlights Altair as a game changer in GPU computing for workstations
20/08/2012 NVIDIA features Altair’s RADIOSS solver at SIGGRAPH 2012
19/06/2012 Software Solutions to Energy Efficiency in HPC
18/06/2012 Inside a NASA Production Supercomputing Center
18/06/2012 Inside a NASA Production Supercomputing Center
11/04/2012 Hardware or Cloudware?
29/02/2012 Altair's Compute Manager featured in InsideHPC's Weekly Podcast
20/02/2012 HPC in 2012: What Does the Year Ahead Hold in the HPC Market?
18/01/2012 Squeezing out that Last Bit of Efficiency
27/07/2011 PBS Professional Looks Out 20 Years on Scalability
22/06/2011 Altair Releases HyperWorks 11.0, Creating the Most Comprehensive Open-Architecture CAE Solution in Engineering
19/05/2011 A New Generation of Smarter, Not Faster, Supercomputers
08/12/2010 PBS Professional Featured in Desktop Engineering's Editor's Pick of the Week
28/10/2010 Altair Engineering Adquire SimLab Corporation
01/10/2010 On-Demand Computing with Altair’s PBS Works
02/02/2009 Altair’s New Personal PBS Turns Personal Computers into Powerful Compute Clusters for Free
08/10/2008 New Online Altair Store Sells PBS Professional Software Licenses and Support 24/7 to Customers Worldwide
17/09/2008 Penguin Computing and Altair to Deliver Enhanced Utility to HPC Cluster Users
11/09/2008 Deadline Approaching to Register for Altair’s HyperWorks Technology Conference, Sept. 16-17
11/06/2008 Altair Engineering Achieves Qualifications for PBS Professional™ as Intel® Cluster Ready
03/06/2008 Altair Partners with James River Technical to Enhance Academic Grant Program
22/05/2008 Altair 向第三方应用程序开放HyperWorks 软件平台
20/05/2008 Altair Introduces Advanced Scheduling Features with PBS Professional™ 9.2
19/05/2008 Altair Releases HyperWorks 9.0, Connecting Engineers with New Solver Technology and to the Global Grid
19/05/2008 Altair发布HyperWorks9.0——将工程师连接到全新的求解器技术和全球网格
01/05/2008 PBS Professional Announces the Availability of FedStage DRMAA Implementation and Support
15/04/2008 Altair selected by Diehl Aerospace for 787 Cooperation
25/03/2008 Neues Reseller-Abkommen mit CYBERNETICS stärkt Altairs Präsenz in Osteuropa
05/02/2008 Super Computing Power Takes Another Giant Step with MIMOS and Altair Engineering
09/12/2007 PBS Professional 8.0.6 is now available
09/11/2007 Altair Announces Interoperability of PBS Professional with Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster Server
02/11/2007 PBS Professional 9.1 is now available
09/07/2007 A Way Out of the HPC Application Software Pricing Dilemma?
26/06/2007 Transvalor Bundles Altair’s PBS Professional with Every Software Sale To Deliver Greater Customer Value
20/06/2007 Bull Selects Altair Engineering’s PBS Professional On-Demand Computing Software Environment for Its High-Performance Computing Systems
19/06/2007 Altair Launches Consumer-Focused Websites with the Service Release (SR1) of the HyperWorks 8.0 CAE Software Suite
30/05/2007 Altair Engineering Unveils Breakthrough On-demand Computing Business Model
15/05/2007 OpenEye Scientific Software Applications To Be Integrated with Altair Engineering’s PBS Professional
24/04/2007 Altair Engineering Canada Opens New Training and Support Facility in Toronto, Ontario
28/11/2006 PBS Professionalとe-ComputeをESIシミュレーションソフトウェアに統合
16/11/2006 Altair Engineering’s PBS Professional 8.0 Released for IBM Blue Gene Architecture
15/11/2006 PBS Professional 8.0 Harnesses the Power of SGI Altix Systems
14/11/2006 Altair Engineering Announces General Availability of PBS Professional 8.0
09/11/2006 Altair Engineering’s PBS Professional Selected as Standard HPC Workload Management Solution by U.S. Department of Defense
08/11/2006 SciTegic’s Pipeline Pilot to Be Integrated with Altair Engineering’s PBS Professional
26/10/2006 Altair Engineering Collaborates with The MathWorks to Integrate MATLAB Distributed Computing Tools with PBS Professional Workload Management Solution
19/09/2006 Altair Engineering’s PBS Professional Enhances Efficiency and Ease-of-Use at LITE, Host of One of the World’s Largest Shared-Memory Supercomputers
13/09/2006 Altair Engineering’s PBS Professional Receives Honors in GRIDtoday Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Awards
18/07/2006 CCDC’s GOLD Application to Be Integrated into Altair Engineering’s PBS Professional
19/06/2006 Altair Engineering and Open iT Partner to Provide Enhanced Grid Solutions to the HPC Community
07/06/2006 Altair Engineering and AMD Collaborate to Deliver Low-Cost, High-Performance Computing
30/05/2006 Altair Engineering’s PBS ProfessionalTM Released for NEC SX-8 Platform
16/05/2006 Altair Engineering Partners with Red Hat to Ensure PBS Professional® Compatibility with Red Hat Enterprise Linux
10/01/2006 Altair Engineering Releases PBS ProfessionalTM 7.0SP1 with Enhanced Ease of Use for Heterogenous Environments
16/11/2005 Altair Engineering’s PBS Professional™ to be Released for IBM® Blue Gene® Solution
15/11/2005 Altair Engineering® and Accelrys® Integrate Technologies for Materials Sciences Community
15/11/2005 Cray XT3 Supercomputer Users Can Now Automate Workload Management Tasks With Altair's PBS Professional
05/10/2005 Altair Announces Partnership with IBM in Grid Computing
18/08/2005 Altair’s PBS Professional™ Helps NASA Track Global Climate Patterns
17/08/2005 Altair Engineering and Scali Partner to Deliver Infrastructure and Workload Mangement Tool
27/06/2005 Altair and Cray Extend PBS Professional Integration to Cray’s XD1 Supercomputer
17/05/2005 Altair Engineering Releases PBS Professional Version 7.0 with Expanded Workload Capacity and Enhanced Systems Resiliency
09/11/2004 Altair's Focus STREET Concept Vehicle Receives Ford Design Award
08/11/2004 HP Selects Altair’s PBS Pro to Manage HPC Workload on HP’s LINUX cluster offerings
26/10/2004 Altair PBS Pro selected as workload management system for NASA 'Columbia' 10,240 Processor SGI Altix Supercomputer
21/10/2004 Cray Inc. Extends OEM Agreement For Altair's PBS Pro™ Grid Computing Technology To Next Generation Of Supercomputer Products

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